Radiante Mozzarelle here. I'm an illustration student at Rhode Island School of Design. 

I love art, history, psychoanalysis, and literature. I especially love Europe and Spain is my all-time-no-contest favourite.

I love languages. I speak English (of course) My family moved to California when I was 12. I was born in China, so the language I speak at home is Mandarin. I can also speak Japanese at a close to native level. I started Spanish during middle school, but I'm very serious about it! In all honesty, tutors are better than school classes. I've also studied French literature and German language at Brown University. I learnt Italian for a 1-month study abroad program in Rome, illustrating Dante's Inferno. My Portuguese is also pretty good. I'm studying the European kind. I'm also working on my Galician, which is kind of like speaking Portuguese with a Spanish accent. Just for fun. Russian is my biggest challenge so far, but thanks for all the Russian-speaking angels from instagram I use it pretty often to chat with random people online.

(In case you wonder what it feels like being a polyglot, it feels like 10 roommates stuck in a studio apartment constantly fighting for dominance).

As a full-time student I have a fair amount of free time still in my grasp, so don't be shy to shoot me an email. I don't bite​ I swear! 



Radiante Mozzarelle

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